23-11: Menacer (EP release)

Nederland is weer een hardcore band rijker en ze komen hun eerste EP bij ons releasen!! Support zal er zijn van Manu Armata en Despicable Heroes

A hardcore band from Rotterdam.
We stand for unity and stepping up if you got something to say.

For fans of knoocked loose, malevolence & bodysnatcher

Manu Armata:
From the heart in your face!!

Despicable Heroes:
DESPICABLE HEROES was founded in 2010, where they put themselves on the map with their energetic live shows. In 2013 the band released their first album ‘Shipwrecked’ through Unite Records. shared the stage with bands such as Texas In July (US), Heart in Hand (UK) and Inhale Exhale (US) and appeared on events like like Brainstorm Fest and the annual Liberation Festival in Wageningen.

Entree: Gratis

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